Basic investing concepts in a nutshell for the average

We’re bombarded these days with piecemeal media messages about how to invest.

Some of these snippets are valid and useful, but others could lead you into serious trouble.

Case in point is the ads in which actor Matt Damon cites the maxim “fortune favours the brave” to imply we should all load up on cryptocurrencies.

That kind of incautious

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Mayor Adams Makes Major Investments in Film and Television

July 21, 2022

Spotlight Initiative of Mayor Adams’ Economic Recovery Blueprint, Plan Includes First-Ever Film and Television Industry Council 

Appointment of New Deputy Commissioner for Film Office in Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment

Mayor Signs Executive Order 21, Requiring Each Agency to Have Film Office Liaison

NEW YORK – New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced three 

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How To Start Investing for Beginners: 7 Easy Steps

Nattakorn Maneerat/iStock via Getty Images

The best way to start investing is with the basics on how investing works. Beginners don’t need an elaborate plan before investing but it’s smart to cover key points, such as how much money is needed to get started investing, discovering what type of investor you are, gauging risk tolerance, and choosing the best investment

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Who is Nick Uhas? Netflix’s Blown Away host was once a

Blown Away is back with another season with Nick Uhas as host. The show released its third season on Netflix on July 22, 2022.

Nick Uhas hosted the first two seasons of Blown Away as well, where artists and contestants compete in the Hot Shop and come up with unique designs created by techniques of blowing glass.

Nick Uhas is

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Hamilton artist Sugarbones has built an empire of cheeky pop

Cheyenne Federiconi, a white woman in her late 20s with dark hair with bangs, wearing a protective apron, holds a paint roller with blue paint on it while learning over the basket of a scissor lift, looking at the camera. She stands in front of a partially finished mural, depicting a blue wing on a red brick wall.
Cheyenne Federiconi, a.k.a. Sugarbones, works on a mural as part of the Concrete Canvas Festival in downtown Hamilton on July 22, 2022. (Courtesy Sugarbones)

In Making a Living, we talk to artists and creatives about all things money — how they make it, how to support an artistic practice when you still have a day job, and how to handle

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Cryptocurrency for Beginners: What It Is and How It Works

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